MiBoxer 20 style surface mounted magnetic rail

20 Style Surface Mounted Magnetic Rail

Model No.: AM-MR-20S15B (1m)

Model No.: AM-MR-20S15C (2m)

Length: 1m/2m

Material: Aluminium

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MiBoxer 20 style surface mounted magnetic rail

Your contemporary lighting system would benefit greatly from the MiBoxer brand's 20 Style Surface-Mounted Magnetic Rail. You can quickly connect and change out your lighting fixtures with the aid of this creative and flexible magnetic rail system to produce a striking and dynamic lighting experience. With this magnetic rail, anybody can make lovely lighting arrangements in any room, whether they are a designer, a business owner, or a homeowner.

Model No.: AM-MR-20S15B (1m)
Model No.: AM-MR-20S15C (2m)
Length 1m/2m
Material Aluminium
Colour Black

The MiBoxer 20-Style Surface-Mounted Magnetic Rail has an elegant and contemporary style that blends well with any setting. You can quickly attach it to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces with its surface-mounted installation, transforming your room into a masterpiece of well-lit design. A versatile and hassle-free solution is provided by the magnetic rail design, which enables you to add or move lighting fixtures with ease as needed.

Flush Mounted Accessories:

AM-MR-L20HSA L Horizontal Corner

Model No.: AM-MR-L20HSA

L Horizontal Corner

AM-MR-L20VSA L Vertical Corner

Model No.: AM-MR-L20VSA

L Vertical Corner

AM-MR-T20HSA  T Horizontal Corner

Model No.: AM-MR-T20HSA

T Horizontal Corner

AM-MR-X20HSA X Horizontal Corner

Model No.: AM-MR-X20HSA

X Horizontal Corner

AM-MR-SH20CP Splices

Model No.: AM-MR-SH20CP


AM-MR-HS20B1 Hanger-S (0.5m-1m)

Model No.: AM-MR-HS20B1

Hanger-S (0.5m-1m)

AM-MR-HS20B2 Hanger-S (1m-2m)

Model No.: AM-MR-HS20B2

Hanger-S (1m-2m)

AM-MR-HL20N2 Hanger-L

Model No.: AM-MR-HL20N2


This magnetic rail is compatible with a wide range of MiBoxer lighting fixtures, providing you with endless possibilities for creating the perfect lighting arrangement. Whether you want to highlight artwork, create task lighting in a kitchen or office, or simply add ambience to a living space, the MiBoxer magnetic rail system offers unparalleled versatility.

Conductive Module:

AM-MR-C20CMB Conductive Module (Soft Straight)


Conductive Module (Soft Straight)

AM-MR-I20CMB Conductive Module (Straight)


Conductive Module (Straight)

AM-MR-L20CMB Conductive Module (Corner Straight)


Conductive Module (Corner Straight)

AM-MR-T20CMB Conductive Module (T Corner)


Conductive Module (T Corner)

The MiBoxer 20-Style Surface-Mounted Magnetic Rail offers durability and lifespan with its strong design and premium components. Without jeopardising stability, it can support several lighting fittings with ease. This guarantees a lighting solution that is dependable and secure and will last for a long time.

Input Module:

AM-MR-20A48D Magnetic Lamp Power Driver (100W )


Magnetic Lamp Power Driver (100W )

AM-MR-20A48E Magnetic Lamp Power Driver (200W)


Magnetic Lamp Power Driver (200W)

AM-MR-20PINB Magnetic Lamp Power Input Module


Magnetic Lamp Power Input Module

One of the standout features of the MiBoxer magnetic rail system is its ease of use and adjustability. The magnetic connection allows for quick and effortless attachment and detachment of lighting fixtures. You can easily slide and reposition fixtures along the rail to achieve the perfect lighting arrangement for your space. The rail also supports 180-degree rotation, providing even more flexibility to direct light where it's needed most.

Installation Diagram

20 Style Surface Mounted Magnetic Rail Installation Diagram

Upgrade your lighting setup with the MiBoxer 20-Style Surface-Mounted Magnetic Rail. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of this magnetic rail system, and unleash your creativity to create stunning lighting designs. Whether for residential or commercial applications, this magnetic rail system is the perfect solution for achieving exceptional lighting results. Transform your space and elevate your lighting experience with the MiBoxer magnetic rail system.

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