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Start Guide - How to Setup your Google Assistant?

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Start Guide - How to Setup your Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a default virtual assistant built into Android devices for performing tasks, getting information, and asking questions. It can also do the same job on your iPad or iPhone. Although Siri is accessible and convenient on Apple devices, people who have already established Google account with customized information and personalized settings can try Google Assistant as a substitute.

Google Assistant can answer a wide range of questions and do several tasks for you. You can ask it to send a message or email and make a phone call. Ask Google Assistant to make a calendar appointment, create a reminder, or a shopping list. Moreover, you can request information and direction of nearby spots and much more. Here is the complete guide on how to set up your Google Assistant.

How to set up Google Assistant?

Google Assistant comes pre-installed on Android devices or else you can download the Google Assistant app from Google Play Store. You will need the Android 5.0 version or higher and Google app 6.13 version. For configuring Google Assistant on Android devices, open “Settings” and go to “Google”, “Account Services”, “Search”, “Assistant & Voice” and “Google Assistant.”

In the case of iOS devices, download the Google Assistant app from the Apple store. The required iOS version is iOS 11 or higher on the device. On iOS or iPadOS, go to the Google Assistant application and open the profile by tapping the profile icon where you can check the list of options and settings. There are many settings that you can leave at default while some others need to have at least an overview.

Voice match enables you to train your voice to help Google Assistant recognize your voice well. Assistant voice enables you to select the kind of voice Google Assistant will use. To generate and join various tasks and complete them using a single command you can use the Routines feature.

Google Assistant, by default, accesses your personalized info that is already shared with your Google Account such as contacts, addresses, reminders, and calendar appointments. You can also check these settings to ensure that all details are right.

How to activate Google Assistant?

To activate the Google Assistant on your Android device, press the Home button on your device or say “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google”. After that, you can ask the question or give a command. If you want to give your command by text, use the keyboard to write the command or request.

If you are using iPhone or iPad, you need to launch the Google Assistant app to activate the program. Then you can use the keyboard to type your question or microphone to speak it on the home screen.

Enable and disable Google Assistant

Go to “Setting” on Google Assistant and select the “Assistant” button. Scroll down to Google Assistant devices and select the device that you want to add or remove from Google Assistant.

Once you tap on the device, the Google Assistant option will be seen at the top. Use the toggle button to enable or disable Google Assistant. Turning on the toggle means you are permitting the Google Assistant to perform tasks and answer the questions.

Set up alarms, timers, and reminders

Similar to Alexa, Google Assistant can also help remind you of various things, set timers, and alarms. The countdown timer is best for cooking and it allows you to set more than one timer at a single time and giving each timer a name. For instance, ask Google Assistant, “Hey, Google, set a timer for 20 minutes for rice”.

Alarms also work the same, for instance, say, “Hey Google, set an alarm for 7:00 each weekday in the morning.” If you are not accurate at providing the information, the Google Assistant will also ask for further details to get all the information it requires. You can also set reminders in a similar way.

Set up the news list

To customize your news list, go to “Google Assistant settings” and choose the “Services” tab given below your name and email and then scroll down the “News” tab and select it to customize the news list.

Here, you can add your preferred news sources and also change the news source order by selecting the “Change Order” button on the top right corner of the news list. If you want to remove any news source from the list, simply tap on the “x” sign next to the news source.

Set up “My Day” summary

To customize your “My Day” summary, go to “Settings” of your Google Assistant and tap on the “Assistant” option under your name and then go to “Routines” and select “Good Morning.” Here you can personalize your daily summary.

There are a handful of choices for you to choose from including reminders, checking the weather, adjusting the smart devices, work commute, changing your phone’s mode from silent to ring, and more. At the end of the list, you also have the option to add an action like playing music.

Change the language of your Google Assistant

Launch Google Assistant and go to “Setting” then click on the “Assistant” tab and choose “Languages”. Then select “Add a Language” to select the desired language to talk to your Google Assistant.

Enable follow-up questions

With Google Assistant, you will have an option of “Continued Conversation” that enables you to ask a follow-up question once Google Assistant responds to one question. You won't have to use the wake word again. To enable this mode, open “Google Assistant settings” and select “Continue Conversation” and select the device that you wish to enable it on.

Set up a smart home device with Google Assistant

To do so, go to “Setting” on the Google Assistant app and tap the “Home” option under your email and name and then tap the “Add” button to add any device or service. Continue following the instructions and your device will set up. When it is done, you can use Google Assistant to control the added device.

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