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Z-Wave is one of the latest types of wireless technology that smart home devices utilize to communicate with each other. It is a wireless protocol that was designed by keeping home automation in the mind. You can consider it similar to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but it has some unique features that translate into huge benefits for home automation. Z-Wave has some captivating qualities like low power consumption, high reliability, and a wireless mesh network that are necessary for smart home applications.

The protocol consumes low energy radio waves to assist smart home devices and other appliances communicate with each other. The Z-Wave was developed in 2001 by Zensys from Denmark. Their specified goal was to generate a cost-effective substitute to enable devices from different manufacturers to communicate in harmony. Z-Wave networks can support four hops between the destination and the controller device. This network protocol is limited to 232 total devices. 

Low power consumption by Z-Wave makes it a popular choice as a network for smart home devices. It makes use of frequencies of 868.42 MHz throughout Europe and 908.42 MHz in the US, therefore undergoes a slight interference because the 800-900 band is clear as compared to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies used by WiFi and other appliances, devices, and protocols. Z-Wave makes use of AES 128 encryption standard and it is necessary for any device requesting for Z-wave certification.

Z-wave network operates with a mesh network system which is the group of devices that connect and communicate with each other without any wires. Within the Z-Wave protocol, all the devices create a mesh by sending signals over low-energy radio waves with a specified frequency which varies from country to country. 

Each device in the Z-Wave network contains a small built-in signal repeater that receives and sends network information to other connected devices. In mesh architecture of Z-wave, you will have multiple devices connected to a central hub and you can control and operate Z-wave devices with the Tuya Smart Life app on your smartphone or with the help of controllers or voice commands. 

Z-Wave technology is highly reliable and robust with its impressive mesh network topology and low power consumption. All the signals are routed by the utmost effective path possible. In case the Z-wave protocol couldn’t find the best path, a substitute will be set up. Low-power radio with a remarkable range sends small data packets among devices. The little Z-Wave chip fits into small smart devices with great ease. 

A registered technology owned by Sigma, the company, also license Z-Wave technology and operate the Z-Wave Alliance. It controls the certification and ensures that all devices comply with firm standards. It is also required that each Z-Wave device works with every Z-Wave controller. A big selling point for Z-Wave is its interoperability meaning that each Z-wave device has to comply with the strict set of Z-wave standards. 

Now Z-Wave has more than 700 manufacturers of smart home devices and over 2400 devices as part of the Z-Wave Alliance out there in the world. The most commonly used categories of Z-wave devices include lighting controls, smart home security systems, garage door, remote controls, on and off outlets, smart locks, thermostats, smoke detectors, and many more. 

All the Z-Wave devices are compatible with each other. It can match and mix devices from different brands. There are thousands of Z-Wave devices on the market today, making it even popular. Future House store stocks a wide collection of Z-wave devices that can add ease and convenience to your smart home automation. Smart home devices with the Z-Wave central hub are available on our website. We have modern smart devices with the latest technology that you want to have in your smart home.

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