Zigbee protocol compatibility

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It is easy to synchronize all the smart devices at your home. There is a need for a common language to connect a mass of technology from various manufacturer brands. It is where the Zigbee protocol comes into play. Zigbee is one of the popular and leading protocols that help smart home hubs to control the wealth of technology in your house.

What is Zigbee?

what is Zigbee protocol

It is a comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) solution from universal language to the mesh network.  The mesh network enables smart devices to operate together. Zigbee enhances the flexibility and choice for developers and users and assures that the devices will work together via testing and standardization of all layers of the stack.

The devices that are compatible with Zigbee can bond and communicate with each other using the same IoT protocol. Millions of Zigbee compatible products are already deployed in smart buildings and smart homes.

What is so good about Zigbee Protocol?

zigbee is better than Wi-Fi

Zigbee protocol makes use of the IEEE's 802.15.4 PAN (personal-area network) standard to connect and communicate with other Zigbee products and devices. They can communicate with one another over a range of 300+ m with a clean line of sight that works indoors for up to 75 to 100 meters.

This protocol gives rise to a mesh network where all interoperable devices serve as the outpost that can talk to the next device. As we will end up having so many smart devices and sensors in our smart home, Zigbee protocol has to support tons of devices on the network. Fortunately, it can work with 65,000 devices at a single time.

Without requiring a centralized hub, theoretically, it is likely for products to work over a big area, moving on the information across the mesh. All Zigbee compatible devices don’t serve as repeaters. It is not essential but if a product is wired-in like the light switch, smart plug, or a smart light bulb, it will serve as a repeater. In contrast, the devices operating on batteries such as motion and light sensors don’t tend to serve as signal repeaters.

ZigBee compatible devices

Zigbee alliance compatible devices

The manufacturers of Zigbee designed ZigBee Alliance in 2002. The alliance industry involves brands that sign up to use the Zigbee protocol. Today, there are over 400 members signed up for the alliance and more than 2,500 devices. Many big brands in the industry are presently the partner companies under the alliance.

Some of the devices that work with the ZigBee protocol include Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo Plus, and Echo Show, Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue, Yale smart locks, Ikea Tradfri, Hive Active Heating and accessories, Bosch Security Systems, Samsung Comcast Xfinity Box, and Honeywell thermostats.

Here are some devices that are compatible with the Zigbee protocol:

Zigbee smart light bulb

zigbee light bulb

Many smart lighting available on the market uses Zigbee protocol, making them one of the greatest reasons to buy the hub. Smart light bulbs are very easy to install as you simply screw them into the lamp or light fixture. They are one of the cheapest methods to get started with the smart home as they are available at a very reasonable price. Most of the simple smart lights offer three basic functions when connected to the hub i.e. dimming, remote control, and scheduling & automation.

Zigbee Smart Hub

Zigbee hub

In case you need to link more than one device into the smart home system, the smart hub is what you need. It serves as the main connection for all automation in your smart home system. The smart hub links with the SmartThings application and enables you to join with other devices from Android cellphone and tablet, Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as Google and Alexa Assistant voice controllers.

Zigbee light switch

zigbee light switch

The smart light switch is something that you will need to fulfil your lighting needs. Many smart light switches work with various configurations such as multi-gang configurations, older style switch boxes, and many other applications with small space. It is great for all kinds of installed fixtures and lights such as fans, halogen lights, incandescent lights, CFL, and LED lights.

Zigbee motion sensor

zigbee motion sensor PIR

The smart motion sensor automates the lights of your home and works by automatically lighting up the room when you enter where you installed the detector. But this is not what all motion sensors do. By connecting a camera to the motion sensor, you can make your home more secure to monitor exactly what is going on.

Zigbee door and window sensor

Zigbee door and window sensor

The sensors for doors and windows add a layer of security to your house. When linked to the Zigbee system, the sensor immediately notifies you with an alert once the window or door opens up unexpectedly. The smart sensors work with doors, windows, as well as fixtures around your drawers and cabinets.

Zigbee outdoor floodlight

zigbee floodlight

Zigbee outdoor LED floodlight from different brands adds proper lighting to the exterior of your houses like the parking area and garage. The outdoor smart floodlights are waterproof and offer a choice of over a million colours that you can control with a voice assistant or through the app.

Zigbee light strips

Zigbee light strips

The smart light strips are the best way to add a further layer of colourful light to your house. Generally, the smart light strips provide you with a choice of 16 million colours with changing colour temperature and brightness.

Zigbee controller switch

Zigbee smart switch

With the smart switch, you can manage different things in your home including lights, humidifiers, and fans. The controller switch flawlessly links to the Zigbee app and allows you to perform various functions including remote control, create smart scenes, and share control through the app.

Zigbee smart light dimmer

Zigbee smart light dimmer

Smart light dimmers are created to let you adjust the brightness of various kinds of light bulbs. The brightness of the light can be adjusted between 0 and 100 percent. Moreover, the light dimmer acts as a range extender as well. It enables you to duplicate the signal from the Zigbee device or hub.

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