Mi-Light 2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller FUT025

Product Name: 2.4GHz Touch RGB LED Strip Controller

Model No.: FUT025

Voltage: DC12V-24V

Output: Max. 6A/Channel

Total output Max.10A

Control Distance: 30m

Controller Size: 85*45*22.5mm

Remote Size: 110*53*20.5mm

• 2.4G RF Remote controllable

• 16 Million colours to choose

• Brightness and saturation controllable

• Control distance: 30m

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Mi-Light 2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller FUT025

The RGB 12-24V 10A Mi-Light RGB Controller is a ready-made product that enables wireless control of RGB multicolour lighting (eg RGB). With this kit, you can get any colour from the RGB colour palette and take advantage of the dozens of dynamic programs that enrich the multicolour LED installations. Connectivity is achieved through radio using a 2.4 GHz signal. This kit is reasonably priced.  

2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller WiFi smart set 

The set includes a radio remote control and one receiver.


Characteristic features for the Mi-Light 2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller FUT025

ON/OFF switch

Dimming and brightening of the connected LED lighting

Active colour change from RGB colour palette

Active dynamic programs to use (change mode/speed)  

 flame resistant material high quality PC milight product smart lighting

Characteristics for the Mi-Light 2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller FUT025

Set for one zone (room)

Battery-operated remote (2x1.5V AAA)

Radio communication with the receiver (2.4GHz)

Touch Buttons LED for remote operation

Works with Wi-Fi controller (optional)

A range of dynamic programs to diversify multicolour installations

Maximal current carrying capacity for receiver 10A

Decent price

24 months warranty  

 LED strip screw terminals white rectangle controller milight receiver

Basic communication with the receiver is via radio. Optional Wi-Fi control, which lets you control your lighting with your mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet), is available only through the appropriate Wi-Fi module.  

 LED strip receiver control powered by 2 x AAA batteries

Wi-Fi capability

To access the control over the Wi-Fi network you need to purchase the appropriate module, which you will find in the "Related Products" tab.  

 Mi-Light 2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller FUT025 terminals DC jack 12V 24V

Table 1. A detailed description of the programs:

Number Function Change of speed Changing the brightness
1 Static white colour - a mixture of RGB colours impossible Possible
2 Pulsating white - a mixture of RGB colours Possible Possible
3 Smooth change of all RGB colours Possible Possible
4 Smooth change of four colours (R+G+B) Possible Possible
5 A jumping change of seven colours Possible Possible
6 Three-colour jump (RGB) Possible Possible
7 An alternating change in red and green Possible Possible
8 Alternating jump between red and blue Possible Possible
9 An alternating change in blue and green Possible Possible
10 An energetic change of the white colour mixture Possible Possible
11 Dynamic dimming of the white colour mixture Possible Possible
12 Pulsation of red colour Possible Possible
13 Dynamic dimming of the red colour Possible Possible
14 Blue pulsation Possible Possible
15 Dynamic dimming of blue colour Possible Possible
16 Pulsation of green colour Possible Possible
17 Dynamic dimming of the green colour Possible Possible
18 Yellow pulsation Possible Possible
19 Dynamic dimming of the yellow colour Possible Possible
20 Pulsation of all RGB colours Possible Possible 

Great comfort - 16 million colours to drive

 16 million colours 2.4GHz RF remote controller mi-light

The construction of the Mi-Light series allows full access to the colour palette of up to 16 million colours. The colour tone in question depends on the precision of the control, which is usually achieved with the touch transmitter. The colours of the device are colourful and pleasant, and the effective colour rendering ratio allows you to fully enjoy the colourful mood of the room together with the Mi-Light series products.


Full control - cooperation with receiving devices

 mi-light remote compatible with RGBW series devices FUT067 FUT016 FUT102 FUT008 FUT010 FUT013 FUT014

Each of the Mi-light LED driver series is characterized by the ability to assign not only one device to it. Built-in invisible underneath the electronics, it works on the principle of the receiver, thus connecting with our LED driver. One zone in the remote control is also not an obstacle because we can assign to it many devices such as LED bulbs, downlight luminaires and receivers working with the model. Many devices do not interfere with each other and make this connection easy to use and easy to control. Below you will find a full table listing all the devices that work with your model


Remote construction - control has not been so easy

 Mi-Light 2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller FUT025 diagram remote functions

Depending on the model of the transmitting device, which mainly occurs as a radio link to the receiver, various control functions can be obtained. The centrepiece of the dial or the rotating wheel for the dimmers is the main function of the particular change of colour or brightness. At the very top of the remote control, there are buttons that correspond to the operating mode of the unit, so be sure to turn on the remote control before the startup. The construction of the multi-zone remote control is simple, the buttons for the zone on / off are located at the bottom of the device stacked side by side so that access to them is convenient.


The power supply of the receiver - connectors in the housing

 2.1x5.5mm DC Jack and screw terminals for power input

Receiver units are supplied with a DC voltage of 12VDC or 24VDC, which must be connected to the input of the device. For ease of installation, the receiver design consists of screw terminals, both at the input and the output, which makes it easy to wire the device. Also, when you have a power supply that has a DC plug, you can connect directly to the DC jack located next to the input terminals of the receiver. The wiring is stable and quick to install.

Mi-Light 2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller FUT025 specification

Application For RGB installations
Number of supported zones/channels 1
The way of control radio
The way of control Touch buttons + dial to change colours
The range of radio communication up to 30 meters in the open area
Powering the remote control 2 x 1.5V AAA
Signal modulation GFSK
Transmission type Two-way
The frequency of transmission 2.4GHz
Power consumption in operating mode 6dBm
Power consumption in standby mode 20uA
Touch buttons Yes
Colour White
The degree of tightness IP20
Remote dimensions 110mm x 53mm x 20.5mm
Application For multi-coloured RGB installations
The input/output voltage of the receiver 12VDC or 24V DC
The maximum output current of the receiver 10A
Number of receiver outputs 4 outputs (R/G/B/W) - common anode
The frequency of the radio signal 2.4GHz
Output signal PWM
Additional controls Wi-Fi module (see the compatible MiBoxer products tab)
Return to previous settings after turning off the power Yes
Working temperature -20-60°C
Input connector (power supply) Screw clamps for wires and DC socket
Output (signal) connector Screw clamps for wires
Dimensions of the receiver 85mm * 45mm * 22.5mm
Declarations RoHS, CE, UKCA
Warranty 24 months

Mi-Light 2.4GHz touch RGB LED strip controller FUT025 package includes

1 x Remote

1 x Receiver

1 x User manual

1 x Double-sided adhesive pad

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Product Details

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Rated Power
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Model Number
2 years
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Country/Region Of Manufacture
Type Of Material
Battery Powered
Battery Type
2 x AAA
Batteries Included?
Control Frequency
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Power Source
12-24V DC
Colour Changing
Lighting Remote & Control
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Remote Control
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