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Mi-Light smart panel remote controller B0

Product Name: B0 Smart Panel Remote Controller

Model No.: B0

Working Temperature: -20 -60℃

Voltage: 3V (2*AAA Battery)

Transmission Frequency: 2400-2483.5MHz

Modulation Method: GFSK

Transmitting Power: 6dBm

Standby Power: 20uA

Control Distance: 30m

Size: 86*20*86mm

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Mi-Light smart panel remote controller B0

Mi-Light smart panel remote controller B0 size product dimensions technical picture

LED wall-mounted radio controller - 1 ZONE - RGB+CCT - Mi-Light is a wireless wall panel that allows brightness management with the possibility of controlling a given RGB colour and CCT colour temperature for devices adapted for multicolour installations with variable colour temperature.  The controller allows an individual access to one zone, which can be controlled by a glass wall panel. The device is intended for surface mounting. The wall panel is powered by two batteries 1.5V AAA

 new updated timing control B0 smart remote controller wall panel milight

The receiver (s) need to be purchased separately. For compatible receivers please see the compatible MiBoxer products tab.

 brightness adjustable slider wall panel controller LED smart lighting

Application for installation:
RGB - multi-coloured
RGB+W - multi-coloured with additional white colour
RGB+CCT - multi-coloured with variable colour temperature
adjust warm to cold white CCT LED lighting

Characteristic features of the Mi-Light wall panel - B0
Switching on and switching off connected LED lighting
Dimming and brightening of connected LED lighting
Obtaining the same monochrome colour
The colour can be controlled by the zone
The ability to control the colour temperature for the zone
Quick activation of the red/ green/blue colour through the touch button
Available dynamic programs that change the work characteristics
Changing the speed of dynamic programs being played
Temporarily switching off the light after 60 seconds or 10 minutes

 enjoy colourful life with the colour change 16 million colours LED smart lighting by Mi-Light

Features of the Mi-Light wall panel - B0
One zone to use
Power supply using two 1.5V AAA batteries
Radio range up to 30 meters
Extend the radio signal by retransmitting the signal
Glass wall panel
Sound signalling
The possibility of turning off the sound signalling
Static colours available via touch buttons (RGB)
Gentle backlighting of buttons during operation
Construction adapted for surface mounting
24 months warranty
LED smart wall panel controller battery operated 2 x AAA batteries

The signal based on the frequency of 2400-2483.5MHz allows for wireless operation of the installation at the level of 30 meters. Using more devices, we can create LED installations based on unlimited coverage, thanks to the technology of signal retransmission. The condition of such work is to place another receiving device within 30 meters.

 sensitive touching high precision touch screen LED smart panel controller B0press the button with sound the sound can be switched ON and OFF

no wiring pasting easy operation LED smart Lights panel controller Mi-Light B0

Table 2. Dynamic programs for the Mi-Light wall panel - B0

NumberFunctionChange of speedChanging the brightness/saturation
1 Smooth transition between all colours Possible Possible
2 Smooth pulsation of white colour Possible Possible
3 Smooth transition between RGB colours Possible Possible
4 A jumping change of seven colours Possible Possible
5 A jumping change of random colours Possible Possible
6 Smooth pulsation of red colour ended with a triple flash Possible Possible
7 Smooth pulsation of green colour finished with a triple flash Possible Possible
8 Smooth pulsation of blue colour finished with a triple flash Possible Possible
9 The smooth pulsation of the white colour ended with a triple flash Possible Possible

Construction of a wall panel - a small touch, great possibilities

Mi-Light smart panel controller B0 button function diagram

Glass touch panel - control by touch

high-end tempered glass panel prevent scratching and crushing smart panel controller

The implemented glass touch panel in the Mi-Light series products not only provides an aesthetic appearance resulting from the lack of protruding buttons, but also a full touchscreen with touch fields corresponding to different functions depending on the device model. In addition, the glass wall panel used is characterized by good protection against various types of scratches.

Wireless communication - radio control

2.4GHz wireless transmitting control distance 30m

Wireless radio route which characterizes these wall panels provides comfortable control of LED lighting within 30 meters in an area not exposed to interference. Increasing the radio signal in the installation is possible by using several receiving devices assigned to one zone. These devices are characterized by the transmission of the received signal to the next device, thus increasing the control range of the LED installation.

Delayed delay function - two operating modes

turn off light timing delay function 2 operating modes smart panel controller LED lights

Another useful functionality that the wall panels in the Mi-Light series boasts of is undoubtedly the time mode responsible for switching off the LED lighting. This mode consists in turning off the lighting completely after one or ten minutes of time, thus ensuring that activities are carried out, such as comfortable leaving the room, when it is completely dark or dark outside. The advantage of such a solution is easy to access the mode, using the appropriate button located on the glass wall panel.

Mi-Light smart panel remote controller B0 specification

Application For multi-color RGB/RGB+W/RGB+CCT installations
Maximum output current Depends on the receiver used
Powering the transmitter 2x 1.5V AAA battery
Number of supported zones/channels 1 zone
Communication method Radio
Frequency of transmission 2400-2483.5MHz
The range of radio communication Up to 30 meters in the open area with the possibility of extension by retransmission of the signal
Signal modulation GFSK
Transmission type One-way
Output signal PWM control
Return to previous settings when power is off No
Cooperation with receivers See the compatible MiBoxer products tab
Power consumption in operating mode 6dBm
Power consumption in standby mode 20uA
Touch buttons Yes
Glass panel Yes
Working temperature of the wall panel -20 ℃ -: - 60 ℃
The degree of tightness IP20
The dimensions of the device 86mm * 86mm * 20mm
Installation of a wall panel Surface mounting
Colour White
Certification RoHS, CE
Warranty 24 months

Mi-Light smart panel remote controller B0 retail box wholease packaging

Mi-Light smart panel remote controller B0 package includes

1 x RGB/RGB+W/RGB+CCT one zone wall panel controller in a retail packaging

1 x User manuals

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Product Details

Data sheet

Supported Zones
Light Colour
Rated Voltage
Ingress Protection
Model Number
2 years
Light Source
Communication Range
Communication Method
Operating Temperature
-20 – 60℃
Pack Quantity
Original retail colour packaging
Country/Region Of Manufacture
Type Of Material
Battery Powered
Battery Type
2 x AAA
Batteries Included?
Control Frequency
Current Type
Power Source
Colour Changing
Lighting Remote & Control
Unit Type
Installation Area
Control Style
Remote Control
Item Length
Item Width
Item Weight
Item Height
Wall Mounted
Wholesale Box Quantity
B0 - User manual
User manual for RGB+CCT LED smart panel wall remote controller from Mi-Light brand.
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