Understanding Bathroom Zones: Essential Guide for Safe Lighting

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Understanding Bathroom Zones: Essential Guide for Safe Lighting


When it comes to bathroom lighting, safety is paramount. The concept of bathroom zones is critical in ensuring that lighting fixtures are appropriately and safely installed in different parts of the bathroom. This guide delves into what these zones are, why they matter, and how to choose the right lighting fixtures for each zone.

What are Bathroom Zones?

Bathroom zones refer to specific areas in a bathroom, each having different requirements for the type of lighting that can be safely installed. These zones are defined based on their proximity to water sources, such as baths and showers, and the potential risk of electrical hazards.

bathroom electrical zones

Zone 0

This is the area inside the bath or shower. It is the zone with the highest risk of water contact and therefore requires lighting fixtures with the highest degree of protection (IP rating).

Zone 1

This area is directly above Zone 0, extending to 2.25 metres in height. It's commonly where showers and bathtubs are installed. Lights in this zone need a higher IP rating for safety against water jets.

Zone 2

This zone extends 0.6 metres outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25 metres from the floor. It also covers the area around the wash basin, within a 60cm radius of any tap. Lighting in this zone should be water-resistant.

Outside Zones

Areas beyond Zone 2 are considered safe from water jets and splashes. However, caution is still advised for lighting installation.

Table: Lighting Requirements per Zone

Bathroom Zone IP Rating Required Example Light Fixtures
Zone 0 IP67 or higher LED lights, sealed units
Zone 1 Minimum IP44 Recessed lights, enclosed fixtures
Zone 2 Minimum IP44 Wall lights, mirror lights
Outside Zones No specific IP rating required Standard ceiling lights, decorative lights

Choosing the Right Lighting

When selecting lighting for your bathroom, consider both the IP rating and the aesthetics. Future House Store offers a diverse range of bathroom lighting solutions that meet safety standards and add elegance to your space.

Safety First

Always consult with a qualified electrician before installing bathroom lights. They can ensure that the chosen lights are suitable for the specific bathroom zones and are installed correctly.


Understanding bathroom zones is crucial for safe and efficient bathroom lighting. For a wide selection of bathroom lighting options, visit Future House Store.

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