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All about DMX Control for LEDs

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A DMX controller offers you countless options to control LED lights in your space. In past, DMX controls were bulky and big things that were only employed in theatre lighting. But modern-day DMX controls can be smart panels with touch screens or wall controllers.

There is no other choice but DMX when it comes to complete control of all facets of LED lighting. The kind of DMX controller you require will depend on your budget, the place you want to cover, and your choice. At a single time, a DMX controller can control up to 512 channels.

What is DMX?

DMX stands for DMX is an acronym for Digital MultipleX. DMX is a unidirectional, digital protocol that offers absolute control over the lighting needs of users. DMX communicated through a mesh of shielded cables that are wired in twisted pairs. DMX control is a standard that is independent of the supplier, so there is no issue in linking DMX-certified control devices from various brands.

Originally, DMX was used as a way of regulating light dimmers. However, with time, its use has advanced and widened and it is now utilized for all types of lighting and special effects such as light-rig motion control and fog machines as well as complicated interior and architectural lighting.

“DMX 512” is a commonly used term when it comes to DMX control. It refers to the 512 channels that one DMX controller can manage to control. DMX control is perfect for larger projects and areas that require up to 512 channels by linking 2 more DMX installations. Every 512 channel linked in a network is also known as the DMX universe.

What is DMX Controller?

To understand DMX in a better way, the first step is to know how a DMX controller works. Latest RGB LED lights offer unlimited choices for residential, architectural, and commercial applications that work at their full potential when united with a control method like a DMX.

A DMX controller for LED is usually divided into four control modes including:

1. Circuit or Zone Selection

2. Color Selection

3. Fade or Dimming Control

4. Selection of Program

The very step is the selection of units or units that you want to control. It is based on a DMX controller concerning the number of distinct selections you can control.

Next, you need to choose the colour you want to set. In general, the basic DMX controllers make use of a rotary dial for colour selection while advanced controllers enable you to enter the particular value.

The fade and dimming features of the DMX control can be chosen that together with the colour selection can generate the right shade of colour that you want to get.

In the end, you can set any programmed effects that you want to use. Based on the DMX controller, you can set basic effects like the chase, or program in your own effects in more advanced DMX controller models.

How DMX for LEDs Work?

DMX needs various parts to operate. First, you require a source to make DMX. It can be done by the PC interface that changes a USB to DMX with the help of DMX software that will enable you to set infinite presets and offers you full control just with a click of a mouse.

The traditional way to create DMX is by using a DMX Console. The console was one of the primary ways to do that DMX created. They are a bit restricted as compared to DMX software as they require you to trigger everything manually and the performance of the console may vary depending on the capability of the console. When you have the source of DMX signals, you will require DMX fixtures.

All kinds of lighting fixtures are available out there that work with DMX. When you have all of your lighting fixtures interlinked or daisy-chained with each other, you need to address them. Addressing the lighting fixtures will provide them with an initial DMX channel that is where the signals will be sent to each distinct fixture.

Each lighting fixture will need some channels to operate, so based on the number of channels a lighting source has, you will address the remaining lighting fixtures on the immediate next channel available after providing the prior lighting fixture with the space to work.

For instance, an RGB LED light fixture will need 3 DMX channels. In case it is addressed to channel 1, it will utilize channels 1, 2, and 3. It means that the very next free channel would be 4. Another choice is to put two equal light fixtures on a single address and both of them will operate as one. This technique can be used to create your DMX line or DMX universe.

What is a DMX universe?

A DMX universe is a collection of up to 512 channels over which the signals of DMX will work. It means that you can manage over 512 different functions across the number of light fixtures that you are running. As there is only a single output cable, it permits exceptionally small DMX control consoles. If you require more than one DMX universe to set up, you can do it with appropriate universe merging techniques, software, and interface.

Benefits of DMX control for LEDs

DMX control has become the top choice for many artists, architects, and designers for their lighting system needs. For entrepreneurs and business owners running big companies and owners of other places like restaurants and bars, DMX controller is now considered one of the most practical and convenient choices. It enables absolute control for all their lighting requirements using a single centralized point. DMX control systems communicate through digital signals and many light fixtures can be controlled easily using a laptop. DMX controllers operate at a low voltage that makes them energy efficient choice.

DMX control systems have become very common in commercial lighting solutions. It is only the start to see the potential of DMX controls in residential use. The uses for smart lighting in the period of smart homes are apparently endless.

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