Mi-Light 40W 0/1~10V dimming driver PL1

Product Name: 40W 0/1~10V Dimming Driver

Model No.: PL1

Input Voltage: AC180~240V   50/60Hz

Output Voltage: DC30-40V

Output Current (Constant Current): 900mA

Output Power (Max): 40W

PF: >0.9

Dimming Range: 0-100%

Remote Control Distance: 30m

ta: 50℃

tc: 85℃

• Compatible with Mi-Light/MiBoxer 2.4GHz series remote

• Control Distance: 30m

• Support 0~10V, 1~10V dimming panel

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Mi-Light 40W 0/1~10V dimming driver PL1

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 size product technical picture

This Mi-Light PL1 controller is a device designed to work with single-colour LED lighting. The device work in a 4-zone and 8-zone system and all the individual controllers can be grouped together. The PL1 LED controller allows for smooth regulation of the brightness of the white light. The working range of the device is 30-40V DC and the maximum power cannot exceed 900mA. This LED controller can be controlled via remote control or smartphone app (for the smartphone app control the additional WL-Box1 is required). Additionally, the LED controller has a function of auto-synchronisation and auto-transmission of the signal. Auto-transmission function allows extending the control range to an unlimited distance. For example, if you have just one controller you can control the lights from a distance of 30m but if you have 5 controllers and the distance between them is up to 30m then your last controller can be 150m away and you will still be able to control it thanks to the auto-transmission function. The Mi-Light PL1 LED controller has built-in additional inputs which allow controlling the controller directly from the appropriate dimmer (0-10V, 1-10V, 10V PWM) or a standard bell button.

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 functions features brightness control

The remote is not included and needs to be purchased separately. For compatible products please see the compatible MiBoxer products tab.

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 dimming panel brightness control

Application for installation:

MONO - single colour LED strips

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 smartphone app control remote control

Features of the Mi-Light PL1 receiver

Application for MONO installation

Alternative control methods (0-10V, 1-10V, 10V PWM)

Radio signal extension (signal retransmission)

Shared synchronization of devices in the installation

Input voltage range 30-40V DC.

Wireless communication with remote control

Additional potential-free input

Maximum current carrying capacity 900mA

Works with Wi-Fi (optional)

Possibility of creating a very large LED installation

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 remote control and smartphone app control dfiagram

The type of communication that connects the transmitter to the receiver is via radio. 2.4GHz frequency-based signal, allowing for 30m wireless operation in open areas. With more devices (receivers), we can create LEDs based on unlimited coverage, thanks to signal retransmission technology. The condition of this work is to place another receiver within 30 meters. Products that work with the PL1 receiver are listed in the compatible MiBoxer products tab.

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 output terminals quick connection LED strip

Automatic synchronization - precision in operation

Mi-Light 40W 0/1~10V dimming driver PL1 automatic synchronisation

When more than one receiver is controlled by one transmitting device, the installation is synchronized during operation without causing delays during operation.

Transmission - transmitting the radio signal

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 radio signal re-transmission unlimited control range

Increasing the radio signal in the installation is possible with the use of several receivers. These devices are characterised by the transmission of the received signal to the next device, thereby increasing the range of control of the LED installation (the distance between receivers cannot be more than 30m).

Power supply - connectors for easy assembly

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 power inputs DC voltage product details

Receiver units are supplied with DC voltage of 12VDC or 24VDC, which must be connected to the input of the device. For ease of installation, the receiver design consists of screw terminals, both at the input and the output, which makes it easy to wire the device. Also, when you have a power supply that has a DC plug, you can connect directly to the DC jack located next to the input terminals of the receiver. The wiring is stable and quick to install.

Alternative control - enhanced functionality

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 1-10V dimmer

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 0-10V dimmer

Using additional control inputs, this is ideal for expanding our LED installation with additional control. In addition to the basic radio communication, we can get wired control over the voltage of 0-10V and 1-10V or also the frequency of the PWM signal (10V PWM). Receivers in their construction also have a potential-free input, allowing the user to connect a simple bell button. This type of receiver is primarily a function of LED installation.

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 galvanised shell controller body housing

Mi-Light 40W 0/1~10V dimming driver PL1 specification

Application MONO - single colour LED strips
Input/output voltage of the receiver 30V DC or 40V DC
The maximum output current of the receiver 900mA
Number of outputs of the receiver 2 outputs - common anode
Number of receiver inputs 3 + GND
Controlling method Radio
Controlling range up to 30 meters in an open area (possibility of signal extension by signal retransmission)
Model number PL1
Control frequency 2,4GHz
Output signal PWM
Additional control 0-10V, 1-10V, 10V PWM, PushSwitch and Wi-Fi module (WL-Box1).
Working temperature -20 – 60℃
Return to previous settings when power is off No
Colour White
Product compatibility please see the compatible MiBoxer products tab
Ingress Protection IP20
Dimensions[mm] L279 x W30 x H21
Certification RoHS, CE, UKCA
Warranty 2 years

Mi-Light 40W 01~10V dimming driver PL1 packaging wholesale and retail box carton logistics

Mi-Light 40W 0/1~10V dimming driver PL1 package includes 

1 x Mi-Light radio dimming receiver PL1

1 x User Manual (English)

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Product Details

Data sheet

Rated Power
Rated Voltage
Power Factor
Ingress Protection
Model Number
2 years
Communication Range
Communication Method
Pack Quantity
Dimming Range
0% - 100%
Original retail colour packaging
Country/Region Of Manufacture
Control Frequency
Current Type
Power Source
Hardwired mains
LED Dimmer
Unit Type
Output Voltage
30-40V DC
Installation Area
Control Style
Remote Control
Item Length
Item Width
Item Weight
Item Height
Free Standing
Wholesale Box Quantity

Specific References

Shipping Info
Wholesale shipping
PL1 - compatible MiBoxer products
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