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Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A

Product Name: RGB Smart LED Control System

Model No.: FUT043A

Working Voltage: DC12V~24V

Output Max: 6A/Channel

Total Output Max: 15A

Working Temperature: -20~60℃

Max Controlling Distance: 30m

Output Connection: Common Anode

Controller Size: 37*28*97mm

Remote Size: 47*16.5*134mm

• Total output max 15A

• 2.4G RF Remote controllable

• 16 Million colours to choose

• Mix RGB light to adjust colour temperature

• Brightness and saturation controllable

• Control distance: 30m

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Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A product size dimensions technical picture

The RGB 12-24V 15A driver set is a ready product for wireless control of multi-coloured LED lighting (eg RGB LED strip). The radio remote control allows you to obtain any RGB colour for the LED lighting used. Communication with the receiving device is carried out via a radio route, which provides 30 m wireless control in an area not exposed to interference. The set works with devices of the Mi-Light series.

 Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A features

The driver offered is a ready-made set: a radio remote control with a receiver

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A colourful lights colour changing 

Characteristic functions for the set

Switching the zone on and off

Dimming and brightening the lighting assigned to the zone

The ability to control the colour

Static colours to attach

Two-time modes of switching off LED lighting

Available dynamic programs that change the work characteristics

Changing the speed of dynamic programs being played

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A colour temperature adjustable slider 

Characteristic features for the set

One zone for lighting

Battery powered (2x AAA 1.5V)

Radio range up to 30 meters

Maximum load on the 15A receiver

Touch buttons

Wall holder for the remote control

Access to the installation from the mobile application (optional)

24 months warranty

 Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A brightness adjustable dimmer

Basic communication with receivers is carried out via radio. Obtaining an optional control by connecting to a Wi-Fi network, which enables the control of lighting with the help of mobile devices (eg smartphone or tablet), is available only after using the appropriate Wi-Fi module. When using more devices (receivers), we can create LED installations based on an unlimited range, thanks to the technology of signal retransmission. The condition of such work is to place another receiving device within 30 meters.

auto synchronisation Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A dynamic mode 

Wi-Fi control is possible

In order to gain access to the control via Wi-Fi, you must purchase the appropriate module, which you will find in the "Related Products" tab

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A automatic transmitting 

Table 1. Dynamic programs for the Mi-Light radio remote controller - FUT088

Number Function Change of speed Changing the brightness
1 Smooth transition between all colours Possible Possible
2 Smooth pulsation of white colour - NO Possible Possible
3 Smooth transition between RGB colours Possible Possible
4 A jumping change of seven colours Possible Possible
5 A jumping change of random colours Possible Possible
6 Smooth pulsation of red colour ended with a triple flash Possible Possible
7 Smooth pulsation of green colour finished with a triple flash Possible Possible
8 Smooth pulsation of blue colour finished with a triple flash Possible Possible
9 The smooth pulsation of the white colour ended with a triple flash Possible Possible

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A product details power supply

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A PC casing plastic cover

Panel construction - control has not been so easy

 Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A remote control functions diagram

Wireless communication - radio route

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A wireless communication radio route Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A 

The wireless radio route that these radio remotes have, provides comfortable control of LED lighting within 30 meters in an area not exposed to interference. Increasing the radio signal in the installation is possible by using several receiving devices assigned to one zone. These devices are characterized by the transmission of the received signal to the next device, thus increasing the control range of the LED installation (Distance between the receivers cannot be greater than 30m).

Delayed delay function - two operating modes

 Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A timer delay switch off

Another useful functionality that can be proud of these remotes from the Mi-Light series is undoubtedly the time mode responsible for switching off the LED lighting. This mode consists in turning off the lighting completely after one or ten minutes of time, thus ensuring that activities are carried out, such as comfortable leaving the room, when it is completely dark or dark outside. The advantage of such a solution is quick access to the mode, using the appropriate button located on the radio remote control.

Higher load capacity of outputs - more possibilities

 Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A new updated 15A screw terminals power input

The radio receiver was created in a way allowing to increase in the maximum load capacity of the outputs. This means that in relation to previous Mi-Light series receivers, connecting more LED strips. In total, we can charge such a device with a current of 15A.

 Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A specification

Application For RGB installations
Number of supported zones/channels 1
The way of control radio
The way of control Touch buttons + dial to change colours
The range of radio communication up to 30 meters in open terrain (an increase of range through signal retransmission)
Powering the remote control 2 x 1,5V AAA battery
Signal modulation GFSK
Transmission type one-way
Frequency of transmission 2400-2483.5 MHz
Power consumption in operating mode 6dBm
Power consumption in standby mode 20uA
Touch buttons Yes
Wall bracket Yes
Colour White
Remote dimensions 47mm x 134mm x 16,5mm
Warranty 24 months
The input/output voltage of the receiver 12VDC or 24V DC
The maximum output current of the receiver 15A
Number of receiver outputs 3 outputs (R/G/B) - common anode
Output signal PWM
Additional controls Wi-Fi module (see the compatible MiBoxer products tab)
Return to previous settings after turning off the power No
Working temperature -20-60°C
Input connector (power supply) Screw clamps for wires and DC socket
Output (signal) connector Screw clamps for wires
Dimensions of the receiver 97mm * 37mm * 28mm
Certification RoHS, CE, UKCA
Warranty 24 months

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A retail and wholesale packaging remote and controller box

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A package contains

1 x remote controller

1 x receiver

1 x remote wall holder

1 x manuals

1 x double-sided adhesive pad

2 x screws with plugs

Mi-Light RGB smart LED control system FUT043A packing details package includes

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2 years
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Specific References

FUT043A/044A/045A - User manual
User manual for RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT LED control system from Mi-Light brand.
Download (412.93KB)
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