MiBoxer 4-zone rainbow remote (RGB+CCT) S2W+

Product Name: 4-Zone Rainbow Remote (RGB+CCT)

Model No.: S2W+

Working Voltage: 3V (AAA Battery* 2PCS)

Standby Power Consumption: 20μA

Transmitting Power: 6dBm

RF: 2.4GHz

Control Distance: 30m

Working Temperature: -10~40°C

Experience stable wireless control with our advanced 2.4G RF technology. Compatible with the MiBoxer/Mi-Light 2.4G series, our product offers extensive applications. Enjoy 30m control distance and 16 million customizable colours. Adjust brightness, colour temperature, and saturation for personalized settings. Effortlessly manage multiple products with 4 independent control zones. Discover convenience, flexibility, and personalized lighting.

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Miboxer 4-Zone Rainbow Remote RGB+CCT: A Revolution in Home Lighting

Meet the Miboxer 4-Zone Rainbow Remote RGB+CCT, an extraordinary innovation that stands out in the realm of modern lighting. It's not just a remote; it's the bridge to a world of colours, designed to amplify the aesthetic charm of any space it illuminates.

Modern living room with lighting zones showcasing dimmable ambience.

Versatility Like Never Before:

With its 4-Zone Control, manage the ambience of up to four different spaces. Whether it’s the subtle tones in your bedroom or the vivacious vibes of your lounge, you have the power to command. The differentiation ensures each room has its unique essence.

Close-up of text emphasizing wireless whole house lighting control.

The Colour Spectrum Awaits:

Featuring RGB+CCT Functionality, this remote invites you to a colourful journey. From the deep reds evoking passion to the calm blues reminiscent of serene skies, and onto the varying whites — from warm cosiness to cool clarity. The palette is vast and waiting for your exploration.

Wireless Control: The remote seems to operate wirelessly, allowing users to control various lighting zones in a building without physical switches or dials.

Ease of Use:

While brimming with advanced features, the Miboxer 4-Zone Rainbow Remote RGB+CCT is incredibly user-friendly. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort in hand, while the intuitive interface promises a seamless navigation experience.

Functional Buttons and Touch Ring: The remote offers a variety of functionalities

Strong Magnetic Wall Holder:

The remote comes with a magnetic base holder for easy installation. This stronger magnetic holder ensures that the remote can be easily taken out and securely placed back on the wall.

Magnetic Base Holder: This makes it easier to mount or dismount the remote from a fixed position, perhaps on a wall or tabletop.

Durability Meets Design:

Crafted with precision, it promises extended durability. Ensuring you have years of undisturbed, reliable service. It's not just about functionality; the sleek design ensures it complements the décor of your modern home.

Round remote control powered by 2 AAA batteries, highlighting low power consumption and brand MiBOXER.

The Heart of Your Smart Home:

Incorporate this remote into your smart home setup. With ever-evolving smart devices, having centralized control for your lighting is paramount. And what better than a device that promises not just control but creative freedom?

Hand holding a 4-Zone Rainbow Remote with colourful room lighting.

Expand Your Lighting Arsenal:

For those looking to further revolutionize their home lighting, don’t stop here. Dive deep into our curated range of LED lighting solutions and transform every corner of your abode.

In conclusion, the Miboxer 4-Zone Rainbow Remote RGB+CCT is not just a product; it's an experience, an adventure into the realm of vibrant lighting. With unmatched control, diverse colour options, and undeniable durability, it's the upgrade your home deserves.

Diagrams showing remote dimensions (Ø70mm, 24mm), individual box size (87mm), and bulk carton for 200 units.

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