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What is Home Assistant and what it can do?

14104 1 Year ago
Have you ever wanted Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to let you have a smart home rather than just a group of smart devices? It would be fantastic to wake up with fresh coffee ready, have TV or radio casting news for you, the temperature adjusted properly, the toaster pre-heated, and all other things smart gadgets do for you, but let them do it on their own based on the time you set on your alarm clock.

Start guide - How to Setup your Amazon Alexa?

579 1 Year ago

If you have bought your first Amazon Echo smart speaker or other Amazon Alexa devices, it can be difficult for you to get started. The lack of a user-friendly interface can make it hard to set up and it becomes difficult for beginners to know what to ask Alexa and what to tell the new voice assistant to do. That is why we are here with a complete guide about how to set up Amazon Alexa.

How Much Internet Speed Does Your Smart Home Need?

1794 1 Year ago

Smart devices bring a new level of enjoyment, convenience, and security to your house. The most important thing that keeps your smart home working is your home network. If you add lots of smart devices to your home network without keeping in view the bandwidth they use could lead to a slow connection that makes all smart devices pretty dull.

How to solder: A beginners Guide

644 1 Year ago

In the world of electronics, one of the essential skills to master is soldering. Electronics and soldering go together like peas and carrots. Though it is likely to built electronics without using a soldering iron, you will soon come to know that with just a simple skill, a whole new world is opened. Everyone interested in or working with electronics should know soldering skills.

Future House Store in Top 80 LED Lighting blogs

385 1 Year ago

We are proud to be included in the Top 80 LED lighting blogs and websites in 2020. Feedspot rates the blogs and websites based on quality, relevancy, and consistency of blog posts, social media influence, and engagements as well as search ranking.

LED vs Halogen: Which one is better? LED or Halogen?

3232 1 Year ago

There are many types of lighting technologies available in the market and it is important to know about them to choose the right one. Halogen and LED lights are the two most common types of lighting and you should know the difference between LED and Halogen lights so that you can make the right decision on what is the best lighting solution for you.

LED profile diffusers - which one to choose?

3950 1 Year ago

When planing proper LED strip lights installation, we can't forget about the aluminium channels for LED strips also known as LED extrusions or LED profiles. Choosing the aluminium channel isn't so hard but what about the cover? The correct answer may be tricky but we will try to explain it in detail in this article.

Voice-controlled light bulb

1181 1 Year ago

When creating a smart home, lighting is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get started. Smart lighting is transforming the way how home or business owners control lighting, enhance security, and conserve energy with simple voice-controlled light bulbs. That is why smart lighting systems are one of the great energy-saving approaches for smart homes.

WL-Box1 - How to fix configuration failed?

4112 1 Year ago

Are you having problems with the MiBoxer Wi-Fi gateway? You follow the instructions and the app keeps saying "configuration failed"? Check out our article to quickly fix this problem.

Wi-Fi vs Zigbee vs Z-Wave - what's the difference?

4871 1 Year ago

The top three wireless smart home technologies are Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Z-wave. They are very different from each other in numerous aspects. Check out our article to find out more about these three technologies.

How to wire a light switch

29974 2 Years ago

Electricity projects can be tricky and difficult for many people but some of them are easy to do like wiring a light switch that is so simple that anyone can do this. With proper knowledge and few steps, anyone can do this job without hiring a professional electrician. 

What is the Colour Rendering Index and why it is important?

758 2 Years ago

When you are shopping for light bulbs, you may see CRI on some labels i.e. the colour rendering index. Colour rendering index or CRI is the measurement of how well a lamp illuminates colour. It is not a measurement of brightness but more an indication of how sharp colours will appear under its light. 

Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo: Everything you need to know

929 2 Years ago

Alexa is an Amazon cloud-based voice service that controls a whole smart device system. With its continuously refining artificial intelligence abilities, Alexa can respond to all of your queries and carry out complex routines to give information, assistance, and entertainment to its users. 

12V LED strip lights vs 24V LED strip lights

1648 2 Years ago

Also known as LED tape Strips, Flexible LED Strips, or LED Strip Lights, LED tape is a flexible circuit board with integrated light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

How to install Tuya smart radiator valve

3175 2 Years ago

Do you know this feeling when you come back to a cold home from holiday and need to wait for the radiators to heat up? Now you can forget about this! With smart Tuya radiator valve, you can set up when, how and how long for your radiators will be ON. 

Choosing the correct size cable

13228 2 Years ago

When we are building or renovating our electrical system, one of the biggest doubts we can run into is choosing the correct size of the electrical cables.

How to plan lighting in the kitchen?

505 2 Years ago

The light inside our homes is a very important element and we need to think of the right configuration for every environment: the kitchen is no different.

Flickering lights explained

1704 2 Years ago

The LED light bulbs may flicker and in this article, we will explain the effects and causes of flickering LED lights and how to fix the issue. In order to explain that first, we need to understand how electrical power and current works.

Smarten up your home with a dimmer switch

359 2 Years ago

LED technology is currently considered the most energy-efficient solution for homes and public areas. At the same time, it has also great potential to develop and can be used in multiple ways. LED lighting can be also equipped with practical dimmers that allow you to adjust its brightness according to your needs. How does the dimmer work? How will its presence affect your comfort and our home budget? 

7 creative uses for smart light bulbs

328 2 Years ago

Use the potential of smart light bulbs! Here are some of our suggestions. 

UV light and viruses

978 2 Years ago

Ultraviolet light has been used for many decades to provide lighting options and other industrial applications. However, the ultraviolet radiation emitted by these lights can be dangerous to humans. Keep reading for an overview of UV light, including its ability to kill viruses, as well as better lighting options for industrial and personal settings.

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