Uses of LED extrusions, aluminium LED profiles in home lighting

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Uses of LED extrusions, aluminium LED profiles in home lighting

What makes a smart home really smart?

In determining how smart home is, there are a number of things that come into play. It is not only limited to stacking up your home with gadgets, electronics and using smart thermostats to control heat. Neither is it restricted to setting up remote-controlled Wi-Fi systems alone.

From another standpoint, you can also consider the lighting systems. The fact that LED strip lights are a brilliant way to illuminate the house without the elaborate wire network, makes it an important feature of an automated home. But how the home's lighting fixtures are ingeniously laid out and how smartly they are concealed will determine if it meets the standard.

surface mounted aluminium LED profiles with LED strips 5050 SMD chips

Read on to learn everything you need to know about LED extrusions, aluminium LED profiles, its uses and functions in-home lighting systems.

What are the benefits of using LED profiles?

LED extrusions, otherwise called LED profiles or aluminium LED profiles, go a long way in proving the smartness of your automated home. It's effects, functions and finishing touch gives your home a futuristic appeal. By using them to cover LED strip lights, it makes it a better option for adding the finishing touch to your LED strip lights than when the PCBs are uncovered.

One important use of aluminium LED profiles is their protective features. Made with strong, aluminium material, LED extrusions shield strip lights from moisture. It protects LED strip lights from potential damage, especially in areas with high traffic.

Design Light Corner, recessed, surface mounted LED profiles in wood board furniture lighting

Use of LED profiles in various applications

LED profiles are the future of modernistic houses. With the help of end caps, aluminium LED profiles can conceal and blend with anything that is being lit. This makes it possible to achieve a stylish lighting appeal. No doubt, it is best suited for smart interior designers who value the importance of wowing their clients and having their services recommended.

Due to its adaptable features, LED extrusions can be used in residential and commercial buildings for decoration. They are often found in churches, bars, lounges, hotels, and restaurants. In some other applications, they are used in ceilings, brick textured walls, drawer lighting, bathrooms, under counter lighting and staircase illumination. The options are endless.

application of LED profiles LED strip warm white 3000K installed

Types of LED extrusions

In the world of LED extrusions, you may get lost in selecting the best type of LED extrusion for your automated house lighting system. They are made available in different colours whiteinox, palisander, wengegoldpineblack and silver. Some other beautiful LED profiles come with a transparent cover or milky cover. From anodized LED profiles to aluminium glass LED profiles and everything in between, you can purchase them on

For impressive house lighting systems, consider using any of these LED extrusions and aluminium LED profiles. For impressive house lighting systems, consider using any of these LED extrusions and aluminium LED profiles. Smart homeowners and electrical engineers use it to put their lighting fixtures in the best light possible. Though, they can be used in various do-it-yourself applications. But make sure you hire professionals when you want to get LED profiles and extrusions installed in your home.

Wide application of aluminium LED extrusion LED channels LED profiles office shop home

Is your smart home really smart?

Think about it. Is your smart home really smart? Is your home's lighting features neatly laid out? If no, then you can consider talking to the experts at Future House Store. Whether you fancy the idea of wiring your home with innovative LED profiles or you would like to explore your options in smart, home automation, we've got you covered. So, feel free to check out our store and find the right LED profiles that match your needs.

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