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Mi-Light Bluetooth App

Mi-light BluetoothApp.apk This is an Android App for Bluetooth Mi-light bulb. Easily you can control the Mi-light Bluetooth bulbs with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Android 4.3 or above Bluetooth 4.0


1. Saturation Colour Control

2. Both RGB and WW/CW available

3. Musical Colour Changing

4. Timer Function individual groups more features waiting to update

Mi-light 3.0 ( For Wi-Fi)

Mi-Light 3.0 APP, new UI; more beautiful and easy operation. Compatible with all Mi-Light 2.4GHz series. This new app cannot work on Mi.light2.0 WiFi box. It's compatible with new WiFi IBox1.



1. App Long Distance Control

2. 2.4GHz RF chip, compatible with all Mi-light series

3. 16 Millions of colours to choose, brightness dimmable

4. Automatic ON/OFF with timer function

Mi-light 2.0 ( For Wi-Fi)

Mi-light2.0 is an updated Android App for all Mi-light products, compatible with Android 4.4, can control Mi-light downlights, panels, light bulbs, and flex strip controllers, with the below, features:

1. Internet/3G long distance control

2. Millions of colours or colour temperature available to choose

3. Individual room control/4 different zones

4. Super easy smart lifestyle


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