MiBoxer 150W RGB dimming LED driver (WiFi+2.4G) WP3-P150V24

Product Name: 150W RGB Dimming LED Driver (WiFi+2.4G)

Model No.: WP3-P150V24

Working Voltage: 100-240V~  50/60Hz

Output Voltage: 24V⎓

Output Current: Max 6.25A

WiFi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

RF: 2.4GHz

Remote Control Distance: 30m

IP Rate: IP67

ta:40℃     tc:85℃

• Built-in power adapter

• 2.4GHz RF remote controllable

• Smartphone app controllable

• 16 Million colours to choose

• Brightness adjustable

• Output Voltage 24V⎓

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Miboxer WP3-P150V24: 150W RGB Dimming LED Driver with Seamless WiFi/2.4G Connectivity

Illuminate your space with precision and flair using the Miboxer 150W RGB Dimming LED Driver WP3-P150V24, the latest marvel in smart, efficient, and creative lighting control. This isn't just an LED driver; it's the key to transforming your environment in sync with your mood, event, or desired ambience. Whether you're a homeowner seeking the perfect mood lighting or a professional designer handling intricate lighting projects, this device is crafted just for you.

WP3-P150V24 Key Features:

Vibrant Spectrum Control: Step into a world of colour with the capacity to handle RGB colour mixing adeptly. The Miboxer WP3-P150V24 brings your chosen space to life with a vibrant range of colours, offering you the ultimate authority to control and personalize your environment.

Intuitive Dimming Capabilities: Subtlety or drama, tranquillity or vivacity, dim your LED lights to the exact brightness you desire. The seamless dimming feature ensures you set the right tone and mood for every occasion without a flicker.

Robust 150W Power: High performance is non-negotiable. With a potent 150 watts, this device can efficiently drive an extensive array of LED lights, making it perfect for both cosy corners and expansive spaces.

Wireless Mastery with WiFi & 2.4G: Say goodbye to cluttered wiring and embrace the future with integrated WiFi and 2.4GHz technology. Control your lights from the comfort of your smartphone or via a remote control. Compatibility with various devices ensures you're in command, wherever you are.

Weather-Resistant Durability: Crafted to perform in every condition, the Miboxer WP3-P150V24's sturdy, weather-resistant build makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. It's reliability you can trust, come rain or shine.

Energy Efficiency: Sophisticated technology doesn't have to mean extravagant energy costs. With its smart power management, the Miboxer LED driver ensures your lights deliver maximum impact with minimal power usage.

Versatile Compatibility: This device doesn't play favourites. It's designed to work harmoniously with a variety of LED light models and brands. Your creative vision for your space won't be limited by compatibility issues.

Simplified Installation & Use: You don't need to be a tech guru to install or operate this LED driver. It's designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a hassle-free experience from installation to customization.

The Miboxer 150W RGB Dimming LED Driver WP3-P150V24 is more than a lighting accessory; it's an investment in ambience, efficiency, and innovation. Whether you're hosting a radiant party, meditating in calm serenity, or spotlighting a special feature, this driver is your partner in achieving the perfect atmosphere. Light up your world exactly the way you want it, with reliability, versatility, and brilliance. Welcome to smart lighting at its most creative—engineered for you.

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