MiBoxer 150W RGB+CCT dimming LED driver (WiFi+2.4G) WP5-P150V24

Product Name: 150W RGB+CCT Dimming LED Driver (WiFi+2.4G)

Model No.: WP5-P150V24

Working Voltage: 100-240V~  50/60Hz

Output Voltage: 24V⎓

Output Current: Max 6.25A

WiFi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

RF: 2.4GHz

Remote Control Distance: 30m

IP Rate: IP67

ta:40℃     tc:85℃

• Built-in power adapter

• 2.4GHz RF remote controllable

• Smartphone app controllable

• 16 Million colours to choose

• Brightness adjustable

• Output Voltage 24V⎓

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Miboxer WP5-P150V24: The Ultimate 150W RGBCCT LED Driver with Cutting-Edge WiFi/2.4G Technology

Step into a realm of luminous possibilities with the Miboxer 150W RGBCCT Dimming LED Driver WP5-P150V24, a quintessential beacon of sophistication for those who appreciate the finer nuances of atmospheric lighting. This isn't merely a component; it's the heart of your ambient illumination, perfect for both domestic dwellings and professional establishments.

WP5-P150V24 Key Features:

Expansive Colour & Temperature Mastery: Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours and navigate through a spectrum of temperatures with the RGBCCT functionality. From the cosy warmth of a glowing ember to the tranquil coolness of a moonlit night, the Miboxer WP5-P150V24 orchestrates an ambience that mirrors your every sentiment.

Refined Dimming Mechanism: Craft an enthralling atmosphere with a dimming capability that responds with precision. Whether for a spirited soirée or a quiet night in, you have the eloquence to transition from intense luminosity to soft, subdued lighting.

Potent 150W Capacity: Excellence is ingrained in its formidable 150-watt strength, ensuring a reliable and efficient performance across an extensive array of lighting applications, from accentuating features to bathing entire spaces in light.

Effortless Wireless Control with WiFi & 2.4G: Experience the liberation of wireless technology. Its integrated WiFi and 2.4GHz connectivity offer the luxury of controlling your settings through a smartphone or a dedicated remote, a nod to your convenience.

All-Weather Resilience: Constructed for longevity and robustness, this driver's resilience ensures consistent performance, both indoors and amidst the British weather's unpredictability. Your ambience remains steadfast, come rain or shine.

Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Relish the brilliance of optimal lighting with an eco-conscious spirit. The Miboxer WP5-P150V24 prides itself on superior energy efficiency, allowing you to indulge in its offerings whilst honouring the environment.

Broad-Ranging Compatibility: Engineered for an extensive variety of LED lights, this driver dismisses concerns of limited compatibility. It's the universal key to unlocking your diverse lighting visions.

Straightforward Installation & Usage: Simplicity is at its core, from installation to personalisation. Its user-friendly design negates the need for expert intervention, making its operation a piece of cake.

The Miboxer 150W RGBCCT Dimming LED Driver WP5-P150V24 is not just a lighting solution; it's an enhancement to your lifestyle, a silent ally to the myriad moments you treasure. With unparalleled sovereignty, limitless flexibility, and innovative efficiency, it revolutionises your perception of light. Venture into a world where your environments resonate with your dynamism, vibrancy, and versatility — all illuminated by Miboxer.

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