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Mi-Light 8-zone RGB+CCT remote controller FUT089

Product Name: 8-Zone RGB+CCT Remote Controller

Model No.: FUT089

Working Temperature: -20 -60℃

Voltage: 3V (2*AAA Battery)

Transmission Frequency: 2400-2483.5MHz

Modulation Method: GFSK

Transmitting Power: 6dBm

Control Distance: 30m

Standby Power: 15uA

Size: 153*47*19mm

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Mi-Light 8-Zone RGB+CCT remote controller FUT089

FUT089 Mi-Light 8-zone RGB+CCT remote controller size

Multi-zone LED radio frequency remote control from the Mi-Light remote controllers series is an 8-zone controller that allows to control up to 8 zones individually or all of them simultaneously. The radio remote control has been designed to control the Mi-Light RGB+CCT series but it can be used to control any LED installation because it provides the possibility of obtaining any RGB colour along with the active change of brightness, intensity and colour temperature (CCT). The remote works with devices from the Mi-Light series (receivers, bulbs, downlights etc.). It comes in original colour packaging with a user manual and a wall bracket.

 new experience 8-zone remote controller for Mi-Light

The receiver(s) need to be purchased separately. For compatible devices please see the compatible MiBoxer products tab.

One of the important features of the remote controller is the possibility of using it for most LED installations. That is because the Mi-Light receiving devices that are compatible with the FUT089 remote can control different lighting types (MONO/CCT/RGB/RGBW and RGB+CCT). In past with the previous remote control devices, it was necessary to decide whether the installation was to be single-colour or multicolour. Now you can control any lighting type (MONO/CCT/RGB/RGBW or RGB+CCT) effectively with this FUT089 remote and for example LS2 receiver.

FUT089 new appearance

FUT089 application for LED installation type

MONO - single-colour LED lighting
CCT - LED lighting with variable colour temperature
RGB - multi-colour LED lighting
RGB+W - multi-colour LED lighting with additional white colour
RGB+CCT - multi-colour LED lighting with variable colour temperature

 Mi-Light 8-Zone colour adjustable

Characteristic functions of FUT089

Control the brightness of the connected LED lighting
Change the active colour from the RGB colour palette
The possibility of switching to white colour (using RGB+W tape)
Temperature control of CCT (warm white, neutral white, cold white)
Control each zone separately
The function of enabling/disabling all zones simultaneously
Immediate reduction of light intensity for zones/zone (night mode)
Active dynamic programs to be used (mode/speed change)
Saturation change (RGB or RGB+W installation)

FUT089 brightness adjustable remote slider dark light room

Features of FUT089

Support for up to 8 zones (control individually or simultaneously)

Applicable to all LED lighting installations (MONO/CCT/RGB/RGB+W/RGB+CCT)

Radio communication with receivers (radio frequency 2400-2483.5MHz)

Cooperation with a Wi-Fi controller (additional option)

The included wall bracket allows wall mounting

Built-in dynamic programs to diversify multicolour installations

The possibility of expanding the installation at any time

Possibility to ignite a mixture of monochrome diodes in the RGB colour mode

24 months warranty

Mi-Light 8-Zone white plastic remote

The technology used to communicate between the transmitter and a receiver is a radio frequency so there is no need of pointing the remote at the receiver as it works with the IR controllers. The radio signal is based on the frequency of 2400-2483.5MHz and allows for wireless control up to 30 meters in an open area. All the Mi-Light receivers have a build-in auto-retransmitting function which allows creating LED installations based on unlimited range.

 Mi-Light 8-Zone more dynamic modes

Table 2. Dynamic programs for FUT089

NumberFor MONO/CCT installationsFor RGB/RGBW installationsChange of speedChanging the brightness
1 Smooth dimming/brightening of white colour Smooth transition between all colours Possible Possible
2 Stepping dimming/brightening of the white colour Smooth pulsation of white colour Possible Possible
3 Quick flashes of white colour Smooth transition between RGB colours Possible Possible
4 The smooth pulsation of the white colour ended with a triple flash A jumping change of seven colours Possible Possible
5 N/A A jumping change of random colours Possible Possible
6 N/A Smooth pulsation of red colour ended with a triple flash Possible Possible
7 N/A Smooth pulsation of green colour ended with a triple flash Possible Possible
8 N/A Smooth pulsation of blue colour finished with a triple flash Possible Possible
9 N/A The smooth pulsation of the white colour ended with a triple flash Possible Possible

Construction of the remote control

The control was never so easy

Mi-Light 8-zone RGB+CCT remote controller FUT089 product features

The whole room at your fingertips

8 zones control home design house rooms lighting

Most of the Mi-Light remote controllers can control multiple zones, fully controlled by one device. The use of such a procedure greatly facilitates the use of a created LED installation in a given room while allowing future extension of lighting at any time when we do not need several zones in our installation, just another pairing of the connected receiver with LED lighting with our device receiver to the next zone. An interesting feature is the ability to program an unlimited number of receivers to a given zone.

Automatic synchronization - precision in operation

auto synchronization Mi-Light remote controller operation

When there are more receivers in the installation controlled by one transmitting device, the installation synchronizes together during operation, without causing any delays in the operation of the devices.

Retransmission - radio signal transmission

super compatibility 2.4GHz wireless transmitting functions RF remote control

Increasing the radio signal in the installation is possible by using several receivers. These devices are characterized by the transmission of the received signal to the next device, thus increasing the control range of the LED installation.

Mi-Light 8-Zone RGB+CCT remote controller FUT089 specification

Application For RGB+CCT installations
Number of supported zones 8
The way of control Radio
The way of control Buttons + touch sliders and a dial to change colours
The range of radio communication up to 30 meters in an open area (an increase of range through signal retransmission)
Powering the remote control 2pcs. 1.5V AAA battery (not included)
Signal modulation GFSK
Transmission type Two-way
Frequency of transmission 2400-2483.5 MHz
Power consumption in operating mode 6dBm
Power consumption in standby mode 15uA
Touch Buttons Yes
Wall bracket Yes
Colour White
Cooperation with receivers See the compatible MiBoxer products tab
The degree of tightness IP20
Remote dimensions 153mm x 47mm x 19mm (width length height)
Working temperature -20 - 60 ℃
Certification RoHS, CE
Warranty 24 months

Mi-Light 8-zone RGB+CCT remote controller FUT089 packaging wholesale box retail cardboard colour box

Mi-Light 8-Zone RGB+CCT remote controller package includes

1 x 8-zone remote controller

1 x User Manual (English)

1 x Double-sided tape

2 x Wall plugs

2 x Screws

1 x Remote wall holder

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2 years
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2 x AAA
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Remote Control
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FUT089 - User manual
User manual for RGB+CCT LED handheld remote from Mi-Light brand.
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