How to control Mi-Light products via Mi-Light 3.0 app?

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What is Mi-Light 3.0 smartphone app?

Control of mi-light products

Mi-Light 3.0 smartphone app is phone application to control Mi-Light products with the use of your mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. The app is designed for both iOS or Android operating systems. Downloading and setting up the app is pretty straight forward. You can use the links above to download the app for your device or just visit an app/google play store on your device and search for Mi-Light 3.0. Install the app to process with the next step.

What to do after installing Mi-Light app?

After installing the app and opening it for the first time you will have a pop-up window regarding notification. Choose "Allow" if you want to get notifications on your devices such as alerts, sounds and icon badges. After accepting or declining the notification pop-up window you will be inside the app which looks like the one on the image below

Controlling mi-light lights

Before you will be able to set up the app and control your lighting you will need to get your iBox1 or iBox2 out of the box and connect it to a 5V power source with the use of USB cable included in the set. To power-up the iBox1 or iBox2 WiFi bridge you will need a device with USB sockets such as your laptop, desktop computer, TV or USB plug adapter. Once the WiFi bridge is powered go to your mobile device Network Settings and connect to Milight3.0-CFA8B2 network and go back to the Mi-Light 3.0 app. Once in the app tap on "Searching for device" (if the device is not detected give it few more seconds, it may take up to 20 seconds to connect and search for the device once again). Once the device is detected tap on Mi-Light.

Mi-Light app explained step by step

Mi-light controller

At the bottom of the app, you will see five tabs (WiFi iBox, Colors, Kelvin, Modes, Timer) and four "zone" tabs at the top (Zone1, Zone2, Zone3, Zone4). If you are using iBox1 then you can control the brightness, set modes, adjust the speed and light colour of your iBox1 bedside lamp in the bottom left corner tab called "WiFi iBox".

How to control mi-light products

The second bottom tab will allow you to add and control your RGB, RGBW or RGBCCT Mi-Light lighting. You can assign your Mi-Light lighting to 1, 2, 3 or 4 zones and control it: switch it ON/OFF, change the colours, adjust the brightness, adjust saturation, turn ON "night light" option.

Mi-Light 3.0 app control RGB RGBW RGBCCT lighting within the app

In the third bottom tab, you can add and control the CCT (multi-white) Series in the same way as in the second tab.

Mi-Light 3.0 app to control CCT lighting multi-white lights control

Tab "Modes" will allow you to set the modes for your lighting, you have 9 modes to choose, you definitely need to try it, have fun!

Mi-Light 3.0 choose the modes for your lighting on your smartphone or tablet

The last tab "Timer" will let you schedule when you want your lighting to come ON and OFF. If you start your shift early in the morning you can set your lights to come ON at a specific time e.g. 4 AM it will definitely help you to get up from bed!

Mi-Light 3.0 app set the timer to active the lights at a specific time

How to control Mi-Light products? Synchronising the lights

We have a great article on how to sync mi-light controllers and bulbs with remote control which explains how to assign the Mi-Light bulbs and controllers to the remote control and we encourage you to check it out as in the same way you will need to synchronise your bulbs/controllers with the Mi-Light 3.0 app. Please check the instruction below how to link Mi-Light lighting to Mi-Light 3.0 app.

Once the previous steps are behind us (installing the app, setting it up, connecting to Milight3.0-CFA8B2) we can start linking our first lighting product. For this tutorial, we are going to use FUT037 RGB controller.

1. From the bottom tabs choose "Colors"

2. Choose zone e.g. Zone1

3. Tap on the link icon Mi-Light 3.0 app link icon

4. Connect the RGB LED strip to the FUT037 controller

5. Connect the power supply (in this case power supplies with DC jacks come handy)

6. Within the mobile app tap on the green button "LINK" within 3 seconds of connecting. If the synchronisation succeeded the RGB strip will flash 3 times. If synchronisation failed, please repeat the process. Unplug the power supply (wait for 5 seconds) plug it back in and tap on "LINK" straight away.

In the same way, you can link any of the Mi-Light products to the app.

Mi-Light 3.0 app compatible with all Mi-Light 2.4GHz series

Controlling Mi-Light lights via 3G or 4G

Now we have our first lighting product connected to the app and we can control it via WiFi but there is a downside of it which is lack of the internet on our mobile device. What can we do solve this issue? Is it possible to control of Mi-Light products via the app and use the internet for example to browse the Future House Store blog? Well, the answer is yes and it is quite easy to do so. Follow the below bullet points to control the smart lighting products via 3G or 4G from around the world!

  • Firstly, go to your WiFi settings and connect your phone or tablet to your 2.4G WiFi network

Mi-Light 3.0 app setting up the WiFi

  • Then we need to get back to the main screen of the Mi-Light 3.0 app. To do so, please use the left arrow located at the top left corner. Mi-Light 3.0 app go back icon
  • Once we are on the main screen we can see our Mi-Light WiFi bridge. In the top right corner tap on "+" (plus) button.
  • Now we see the configuration screen with two options "Smart Link" and "App Link"
  • Use the "Smart Link" you don't need to change the "SSID" so leave it as default.

Mi-Light 3.0 app 3G/4G configuration to enable control from anywhere in the world

  • Input your WiFi network password.
  • At the bottom of the iBox1 press and hold for 5-6 seconds"RST" button (the SYS indicator light will start flickering and the LINK indicator will start flashing)

iBox1 2W LED desk lamp powered via 5V RST button

  • Go back to your Mi-Light 3.0 app and tap on "Start Configuration"
  • The app will start the process of connecting to your WiFi network. The process may take up to 60 seconds

Once the app is connected to your WiFi network you can go back to the main screen of the app and start using your iBox1 and all connected to it Mi-Light products via 3G and 4G from anywhere in the world.

There is one more thing I would like to mention about the app. If you tap on the icon Mi-Light 3.0 app - choose the remote control you will see the list of all Mi-Light handheld remotes. You can change the remote for e.g. FUT089 to enable 8-zone control.

I hope you have found that article useful, if so, please share it with your friends on social media. 

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