How to sync Mi-Light controllers and bulbs with remote control?

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Mi-Light lighting synchronisation

The synchronisation of Mi-Light remotes with Mi-Light lighting is pretty straightforward but it can be a bit frustrating for the new customers who never used Mi-Light products before. In this article, we will try to make things a bit easier for you.

First of all, we need to make sure that our remote control is compatible with the light bulb or LED strip controller we want to synchronise. We at Future House Store are trying to make your life easier by including Table #1 to each Mi-Light product where you can check the compatibility. Below you can find an image which shows the compatibility of the Mi-Light products.

Mi-Light product compatibility table

Ok, so the first step (products compatibility) is ticked. Now we need to pair our handheld remote with our lighting. For the purpose of this article, we are going to use just a few products because all of them work in the same way, so if you know how to link one of the Mi-Light products with a Mi-Light remote you are good to go with the other products.

Linking FUT089 remote with FUT105 light bulb

Let's take as the first example FUT089 remote control which allows you to assign the lighting to 8 different zones. The remote has a colour ring which allows you to control the colours of your lighting, 2 sliders (one of them is responsible for brightness and the other one is responsible for saturation) 6 single buttons (Master ON switch for all the zones, W switch the lighting to white colour, Master OFF will switch OFF for all zones, "S-" slow down the effects/modes, "M" change effects/modes, "S+" speed up the effects/modes) and 8 double buttons (to control the zones individually "I" turn ON lighting, "O" turn OFF lighting).

Mi-Light FUT089 handheld remote features

Ok, now we know what the remote buttons are responsible for so we can start our synchronization with e.g. FUT105 12W RGB+CCT light bulb.

Firstly, make sure to put in 2 AAA batteries to your FUT089 remote. The batteries are not included in any of the Mi-Light remotes. Once the batteries are installed you can check if they work by checking if the LED inside colour ring light up when pressing any of the remote buttons.

Turn OFF the power by switching OFF your main wall switch and screw in the FUT105 light bulb in the E27 socket.

Turn ON the power by switching ON your main wall switch and quickly press one of the "I" zone buttons 3 times within 3 seconds after turning the main switch ON. If the synchronisation went smoothly the FUT105 light bulbs will flash 3 times and you are good to go with remote controlled light. If the synchronization failed and the light bulb didn't flash, please repeat the process.

Linking Mi-Light remote with Mi-Light LED strip controllers

The same as above applies with the LED strip controllers but you need to know how to connect the controllers properly.

Make sure your LED strip doesn't consume more than 10A (for FUT035, FUT036, FUT037, FUT038, FUT039) or 15A (for FUT043, FUT044, FUT045)

FUT039 screw terminals power input light output

For this example, we are going to use FUT039 RGB+CCT LED strip controller. The FUT039 has 2 screw terminals and DC Jack socket on one side for power input (you can use screw terminals or DC Jack, it is completely up to you) and 7 screw terminals on the other side for the light output. The LED strip screw terminals are marked G (for Green light), B (for Blue light), R (for Red light), V+ (for power), CW (for cold white light), WW (for warm white light) and another V+ (for power if you are using this controller with two LED tapes RGB tape and CCT tape instead of one RGB+CCT tape). Now you know how to connect the wires to the controller, so let's connect the LED strip according to marking as the first step. You already know about the remote functionality and remember to put in the batteries so we can skip this step.

switch OFF the power for your safety

After connecting the LED strip to the controller you can connect the power wires but make sure the power is OFF. After connecting the power wires you can switch the power ON. Within 3 seconds press one of the "I" zone buttons on your FUT089 remote. The LED strip should flash a few times if the synchronization succeeds, if not, switch the power OFF for 15 seconds, switch it back ON and repeat the process.

How to unlink the Mi-Light products?

If by mistake you have linked the lights to the wrong zone and you want to unlink them, just simply switch the power OFF of the specific light for 15 seconds, then switch the power back ON and quickly press the "I" zone button 6 times. The light will blink 9 times and that is a sign of unlinked light.

If you are our customer and have any problems with the Mi-Light lighting, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • st****

    st**** 2021-04-11 Reply

    I have two separate led strips, a rbg and a cool/warm white. Currently fed from two controllers and 2 remotes. If I was to run them off a single controller and use one remote which mi series controller and remote would I need? Does this allow me to have both on separately still?
  • be**

    be** 2020-12-27 Reply

    hey all of a sudden one of the fut014 bulbs i have linked up to the fut080 remote has turned red, what can i do?
  • ma** *****an

    ma** *****an 2020-12-07 Reply

    Hi, I have 6 of the LS2 controllers running various RGBW light strips. I installed the first three controllers and they have worked fine but after installing the 2nd set of 3 controllers they are not synchronized with the first 3. when I press the mode button the colour changing sequence is different. They are all synchronised when I manually change the colour but not when using the dynamic mode function. What am I doing wrong? I have the B4 wall remote.
    • Ma**** **********yk

      Ma**** **********yk 2020-12-09 Reply

      Thank you for your comment. I would try to synchronise the modes by switching all the zones OFF and then turn them ON one by one. Turn ON the first zone and press the mode button to see what is the order of the modes. Switch OFF the controller at a specific mode of your choice. Then turn ON another zone and do the same. Once you carried out that for all the zones they should work simultaneously.
  • Mi**

    Mi** 2020-11-30 Reply

    Hi there ,
    I have a FUT035 controller with a BT2 remote ....when the power is put on the LED light strips come on and stay on , seemingly unaffected by the remote ... there seems to be no off & on or control of color or dimming . Is there a pairing that needs to be done ?
    • Ma**** **********yk

      Ma**** **********yk 2020-11-30 Reply

      All the lights need to be synchronised with the remote. Turn ON the power for the FUT035 and quickly press one of the "I" zone buttons on the B2 remote 1 time within 3 seconds. If the synchronisation went smoothly the LED strip connected to the FUT035 will flash 3 times which means the synchronisation was successful. If the synchronization failed and the lights didn't flash, please repeat the process.
  • Ve*** **la

    Ve*** **la 2020-11-02 Reply


    How to reset Milight controller if remote is missing?
    Or how to link it with another remote if previous remote is missing?
    • Ma**** **********yk

      Ma**** **********yk 2020-11-28 Reply

      There is no reset option for the controller if the remote is lost because there is no need to reset it. You can link an unlimited number of remotes to a single controller. Simply just link a new remote in the same way as it is described in the above article and you will be ready to go.
  • Ll*** ****ey

    Ll*** ****ey 2019-10-11 Reply

    Looking down the compatibility list I can't see any use for the iBox2, and yet that has the Andoird app feature I most want from my LED setup.
    If I purchase multiple RGB CCT strips each with its own LS2 controller, I can only control them using one of the FUT or B series remotes ?
    • Ma**** **********yk

      Ma**** **********yk 2019-10-11 Reply

      Hi Lloyd. Thank you for your message. To control the lights with LS2 you need a remote control but if you want to control the lights via your smartphone then you need iBox1 or iBox2 which allow controlling the lights from anywhere in the world.
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