WL-Box1 - How to fix configuration failed?

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WL-Box1 - configuration failed - solution

The WL-Box1 is the newest MiBoxer Wi-Fi gateway which allows app and voice control for all the Mi-Light and MiBoxer 2.4GHz RF Series.

solution for WL-Box1 configuration failed MiBoxer

The configuration is very straight forward.

  1. Download and install the MiBoxer app from the App Store or Play Store
  2. Open the MiBoxer app and register your account 
  3. In the Device List screen touch the + button
  4. Choose the 2.4GHz Gateway (WL-Box1)
  5. Take the WL-Box1 out of the packaging
  6. Connect the micro USB cable to the WL-Box1
  7. Connect the other end with a standard USB plug to a USB socket
  8. Use a pin (a paper clip will do the job) to push the SET button in and hold it for 3 seconds. (the SYS light will start blinking)
  9. Touch "Ensure the pilot lamp blinking" button
  10. On the next page "Fast Configure" input your Wi-Fi credentials 
  11. Touch "Start Configuration" button
  12. The app will start counting down and synchronising with your WL-Box1
  13. Well done, your Mi-Light/MiBoxer lighting can be now controlled via the mobile app but if not and the configuration failed, please read below.

As you could see the configuration is quick and easy but some people are not so lucky and they keep getting configuration failed message.

MiBoxer app configuration failed

The first thing that comes to mind is "oh this product is faulty"! Nothing more mistaken, if you have purchased your WL-Box1 from an authorised MiBoxer reseller then the problem is with your Wi-Fi configuration and in many cases, it happens if you use BT smart hub.

All the Mi-Light and MiBoxer products work on the 2.4GHz network and they do not support 5GHz network!

How to solve the problem

To fix the configuration failed error simply go to your router settings and disable the 5GHz network.

To do that, please open up your internet browser and type in That is a standard link to access any router in the connected Wi-Fi network.

Enter your router password which you can find on your router box. Once logged in, please navigate to Advanced Settings -> Wireless -> Wireless Signal.

You will need to disable the 5GHz network.

2.4GHz 5GHz advanced settings of the Virgin Media router

Once the 5GHz network is disabled touch Re-matching button in the MiBoxer app to restart the configuration.

Once the configuration finishes successfully you will be able to enable the 5GHz network again. 

You can check our article on "How to sync Mi-Light controllers and bulbs with remote control".

It will be useful if you are not familiar with Mi-Light/MiBoxer products.

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  • Ro****

    Ro**** 2021-05-03 Reply

    Wl-Box 1 Configuration is fine sucesfully but bulbs doesn't pairing, different virtual remotes i MiBox app is trayed MiBoxer/MiLigt light system is working perfect with 3 phisical remotes. How to solve this problem?
    • Ma**** **********yk

      Ma**** **********yk 2021-05-03 Reply

      Hi Robert, Thank you for your comment. Please send a message via our contact form with your mobile phone number as I need some more information so I can help you solve this problem. Best regards, Marcin
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