8 Tips to Help You Cut Your Electricity Bill

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Electricity fuels just about everything we use every day and it's an essential part of modern life, but that doesn't mean we can't do our best to cut costs wherever possible. Here are eight ways you can save money on your electricity bills.

#1 Switch Energy Provider

Switching your energy provider takes hardly any effort on your part, so make sure you regularly go on comparison sites like ComparetheMarket to see if you can get a better deal. It's especially important to do this when a fixed tariff ends.

Of gem believes the average household can save 300 a year by switching, so it's worth spending five minutes on a comparison site to check, even if you are sure you've already got the best deal. If you don't want to leave your provider, try calling them to see if they can do a better price.

If you rent and your landlord has control over your energy provider, try talking to them to see if they've tried to get a cheaper tariff recently.

Be aware that you will need to pay any outstanding balances before switching.

#2 Pay by Direct Debit

Paying your energy suppliers by direct debit isn't just useful for your own budget, but often works out cheaper for you, too. Rather than getting an eyewatering bill every quarter, you'll likely discover after a few months that you're actually in credit!

#3 Use Less

If you need to save money then it's worth putting some conscious effort into it. Try to always turn off the lights in rooms that aren't in direct use, double-check the house before you go out, and don't leave appliances on standby if they don't need to be. We've all left the dishwasher on standby for a few days instead of simply pressing the button, and we forget that it's actually a waste of money.

#4 Use Energy-Saving Lightbulbs

Traditional and cheap lightbulbs use a huge amount of electricity. Energy-saving lightbulbs are very affordable, so it should be a no-brainer that every bulb in your home should be one. Energy-saving lightbulbs are widely available and last ten times longer than a standard bulb. E14 LED Bulbs can be used in almost all situations and reduce power consumption by 85-90%. E14 LED Bulbs come in standard, low-cost versions and you can also get bulbs that dim or are connected to your Wi-Fi as part of your smart home.

#5 Make the Most of What You Do Use

Always make sure that you're making the most of the power you are using. When you use kitchen appliances try to get the most use out of them, don't do half-washes in the washer and dryer, and ensure you always fill the dishwasher completely.

Most modern appliances have an eco-mode that you can use if you've pre-rinsed dishes or ensure there are no heavy stains to get out of clothes. Washing your clothes on a 30-degree cycle will also save you energy.

The tumble dryer should be avoided whenever possible if you're serious about cutting back on your energy bill. Though the dryer is an incredibly useful machine, especially in the winter, it uses a lot of energy and so you really do pay for each use.

#6 Unless it's the Kettle

The exception to the making-the-most rule is the kettle. To conserve energy, don't overfill the kettle, simply fill it for what you really need. It will boil faster and save you energy.

#7 It's Worth Upgrading Old Appliances

If you have a geriatric appliance then it may be worth paying for the upgrade. Old appliances weren't built to conserve energy and will use it liberally. Though you may believe keeping and fixing an old, run-down appliance is saving you money, this may not be the reality over the long term since new appliances have better settings and are built to energy standards.

#8 Consider Installing Solar Panels

Okay, so this isn't exactly the most cost-effective money-saving method on the list, but it is extremely effective in the long term if you own your own home. Solar panels will cut your electricity considerably, if not completely. I knew a couple with solar panels on only the rear of their five-bedroom home, and it powered their home, a separate garage and stable block. They only paid 14 a year.

Even if you can't spend a lot on new appliances and solar panels, you can make a huge dent in your electricity bill just by becoming conscious of what you use, when, turning off what you aren't using, and swapping to lightbulbs that reserve power.

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